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Legislation: Do Architectural Technicians have to be licensed?
I think a lot of Kiwi Architects have been in your shoes, most often with working holidays in the UK - though things were easier in the past.

As a freelancer myself, during the last few years I have worked with or met several talented employees within architectural practices here who came over from Europe  - and I doubt they had qualifications that are officially recognized here, and they were very unlikely to have been LBP's

Few that I know of stayed for long though.

Immigration law barring long term employment may have been an issue.  

I got the sense from them also that the low pay, and low (by international standards) levels of design quality that most building developers here are willing to allow disenchanted most of them.  Despite the marketing of NZ as a clean green paradise, most here are not particularly green in their design priorities either - so if you do come here, don't bring too many expectations - this is probably not going to be a defining career move for you (beyond ticking a box for 'international experience').  

Good work does happen down here, though rarely enough that those 5% of practices that get to do good work regularly are seldom short of offers from desperately hopeful and cheap architecture school graduates/galley slaves (of which we produce a huge surplus every year),
You will find hordes of these unfortunates with 5 or 6 year honours degrees, huge student debts, and willing to accept humiliating wages are already competing for the very same donkey work you would likely otherwise be assigned without local experience.  
Competing head on with these guys for a position may not be your best bet if solvency (or free time) is a goal, though may expose you to a better standard of work - if you can get it.

The remaining 95% of practices here do a good honest job within the humbler means and less adventurous scope afforded them.  Production and process focused rather than design research focused. Still far too many graduates for far too few jobs, but here you may be more likely to stand out as a candidate.   
An architectural working holiday in New Zealand perhaps best thought of as an opportunity to see the sights and experience life in a new place, with a prospect of a modest architectural component as the cherry on top.

I did a quick check on the website, and what we call here "Architectural Draftsperson" (aka Technician) is not on any skills shortage list, so arranging anything more than a temporary working visa sounds like a challenge.

Even a temporary work visa here seems to require a firm job offer, among other criteria.

I suspect you will struggle to achieve that in advance - though if you plan on coming here for a holiday anyway, probably no harm in trying your luck once you touch down - so long as you don't depend on finding work to fund or enjoy your trip!
Paul King
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