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Legislation: Do Architectural Technicians have to be licensed?
Hello everyone
I'm an architectural technician (from Europe) and for some time I wanted to come to NZ to live and work, but I can't find clear information about this question.
I found some info online, but it is not clear. For example:
- on this site there are "Registered architects" and "Licensed Building Practitioners"
- this site lists Licensed building practitioners as "designers, carpenters, brick and blocklayers, roofers, external plasterers, site and foundations specialists"
- this site list "Professional registration", only Architects
- this site says "Architectural technicians can apply for a professional licence under the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme". CAN apply, not MUST apply. And "Those who have a professional licence under the Licenced Building Practitioners scheme can run their own business." So, if one doesn't want to run his own business licence is not needed?
- this site[email protected]/...echnicians lists several occupations, for some it says "Registration or licensing may be required", but not for architectural draftsperson or architectural technician
- however this site lists both Architectural Technicians and Architectural Draftsperson, and it says "In New Zealand it is now necessary to become a Licensed Building Practitioner".

I would be very grateful on any info you can give me regarding this issue. As an immigrant naturally I wouldn't own my own business, i would work in an architectural office, under an architect.
Thanks in advance!

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Do Architectural Technicians have to be licensed? - by whereismydisk - 25-Sep-2015, 09:05 PM
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